Friday, March 11, 2011

Fishin' Ain't Easy

Nicky and I were invited to our friend, Matt's, fishing camp in Lake Verret. I was so excited and bought a special fishing shirt for the occasion. (I'm a girl...) Now, I've caught fish before, but NEVER have I touched one...NEVER. This particular weekend, that would all change. Apparently, when you catch a fish, you're supposed to hold it by the mouth and proudly take a picture. Not one to back down from a celebratory tradition, I stuck my thumb in that nasty mouth and smiled from ear to ear...more than once! 

This is so awkward!
There we go!
And another one!
I really can't wait to go back! There is something so wonderfully peaceful about being out on the lake in the beautiful morning sunlight. It's so easy to appreciate God's creation when you're out in the middle of it with no distractions.